Saturday, April 21, 2012

Soccer Dog

    Sorry I haven't blogged in quite a while. I've been playing, running, and I have to go to school. Anyways that is NOT what this article is about. It's about a super cool dog and a super cool me. We got to the park and got off our bikes and did what you do at a park: swing, climb, and slide. Then I got bored and started to kick my soccer ball around. All of a sudden a gray dog came bounding toward the ball. It's owner said "kick it hard and she will play with you." After that we were running a lot and a lot. Then she got a little more tired. Then a whole lot tired.  And after 30 minutes she stopped completely. After all that running she and I had to go home. It made my afternoon super cool.

 I am about to kick the ball.
 kicking up the field.
 retrieving the ball


  1. Sam, who won, you or the dog? Looks like fun. Enjoy your blog.

    Love Papa G

  2. enjoy reading your blog, you have a real good style of writing.