Monday, April 2, 2012

A Biking Adventure

   Our cousins and us (me and my family) went on a bike ride almost to Breckenridge.  For the most part it was up and down, up and down. Towards the middle of the ride Kate fell.  And I mean badly!  From then on it was
up and down, up and down again.

    When we got back we had lunch at THE BUTTERHORN.  I had so many choices I didn't like.  My dad had to give me ... The Talk!!!  After I got my wits back we went back into the restaurant and ordered our food. ( Which was black bean soup, chips, and a  peanut butter & jelly sandwich.)

     After that we biked home to couches instead of bicycle seats and carpets instead of sidewalks.

 Snacks galore
 All of us

(This is me)



  1. Way to go Sam. I will be following the blog. Good job!!

    Love Papa G

  2. Sam, love the blog! I am sure you will have many more adventures this summer. We look forward to camping with you. Thanks for taking part in Grace's Science Fair project. She is moving on to the next round because of friends like you, who were willing to read a book they didn't even choose. Good luck on your own project!

    Mrs. Abernethy