Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Day of Bumps and Bruises

   Yesterday I got so many injuries that now I can't count them all!  My horrible luck started when I hit my knee on the side of my bed.  Next, I limped all the way to the soccer game.  Then just when I thought it was gone, a player from the opposite team came up and nailed me right in the side of my dominant foot (not to mention that every kid on my soccer team was on the ground at one point  or another in the game). It hurt so bad that I was partially out of the game.  But coach put me back in the game even though it still hurt like mad.  After that, I found a remedy for a sore foot; going to friend's house and then going to CAMEEZ (frozen yogurt & coffee) with that friend.
   Guess what?  Later in the evening, I had an epic bike crash.  It happened when I tried to ride up the curb.  I hit my knee again, my wrist, my elbow and my head (on both sides).  My glasses cut the flesh above my left eyebrow.  Mom even thought that I might need stitches.  Some ladies came over to see what happened to me.  I walked my bike half way to my house then coasted the rest of the way.  To end my day of injuries I slipped on the slippery hardwood floors in our house and found another scratch on my leg while I was in an ice cold shower.  The day couldn't get worse, or could it?



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  1. Your day or injuries sound like some one I know really well...maybe your Dad! Like father like son. Hope you are OK and the pain is gone. Who is that guy in the picture? Your twin brother? How did the soccer game end? You look good in that uniform. Say Hi to everyone. Miss you.

    Love Papa G